The letter I never sent

Grey was all I have ever know, 20 years of grey, a world devoid of colour. Then you touch me and its like lightning hit... a spectrum of colour illuminated from within me and I could truly see for the first time. I see shades of violet and blue... I could have never imagined that there was such beauty in the world had it not been for your stern grasp. The stillness in your silence. The curve of your smile. And the echo of your laughter in my chest. True happiness... can you imagine...? I've been drowning my whole life and now it's like I can finally breathe. You mean everything to me, my brother, I hope you find the same purpose you have given me in your life. I'll make sure you do. But, for now you should probably rest, tomorrow is a big day. I know things will work out, they always seem to when we work together. Sweet Dreams Dude!

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