A Letter To Heaven (Expidited Shipping)


United States
38° 48' 13.6116" N, 76° 59' 35.1852" W

Dear bro, i never thought you would have to go
So I decided to write you a poem so you could know
i havent cried yet
But it's funny, every time i see your picture i guess that i havent tried yet
But that was just for now, last year i shed alot of tears
I hadnt been to a funeral in almost 7 years
Its been a couple nights, that i had those dreams
That you were napping, later on youre right infront of me
You know your lost inspired me to make a change
And now i live for you doing bigger and better things
Im pretty sure you seen how it was hard for me to have to come to class and not to see you sitting in your seat
Its been a year since you flow away from all of us
and now i feel like theres nobody out here that i can trust
And now on purpose i take the long way home
to past your street memorial, see all the love youre shown
and i look back in time, to see how much ive grown, to see how much ive change, how much of life ive blown
and i regret my choices, and most of my decision
i need them to forget and take me for my better vision
and theres so much of life that you are really missing
youre in a better place, there aint no better vision.
now let me upate you on whats happend to me
been through alot of struggle and found alot of peace
and yeah i switched my schools, and kept my grades in tace
kept my hopes up and knocked my problems back
And now enough 'bout me, its time to talk 'bout you.
How does it feel up there and did you see our daddy too?
See all the friends we've lost, and news for me
wish you could write me back i'll be the best that i could be.
No i dont hang outside, im still scared of the dark
im not ashamed to say your death has put fear in my heart.
'This hurt alot of people, and it porbably hurt you too
i walked up to your casket, i sworn it wasnt you
of course i know your name, but you looked like no other
your face was all distorted, looked nothing like my bother
and when i walked away, i had to take it in
that i will never get to see my brothers face again
i tried to hide the pain, the tears i couldnt hide
you'll never know how deep the pain has struck my heart inside
that boy will never know the pain he put my family through
and all the girls that cried that really used to go on you
used to be sensitive, i learned to be more tougher
his last 3 hours on earth, I had to see him suffer......
(and I paid for expidited shipping)


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