A Letter From Heaven

Tue, 02/16/2016 - 14:13 -- Bug

I see him smiling down;
His hands are reaching out.
"My daughter, come to me."
Even though I doubt.


He hears my desperate cries;
He dries my every tear.
He loves me for who I am;
He knows my every fear.


"Daddy, please don't leave me!"
I cry out and He hears.
"My love, I would never."
He whispers in my ears.


"Just look up at the stars,
I'm right here, looking down.
You never surpass my gaze,
My daughter smile, don't frown."


"But Daddy, I am lost...
I can't seem to find my way.
I'm scared that I will break,
And not live to see the day"


But He looks at me and smiles,
"I am always with you, my love.
Even when you've lost it all,
I still send hope from above


You are my creation:
My sweet and precious gem.
My daughter, you are worthy.
Don't you dare listen to them."


"I'm trying so hard, Daddy.
They just don't ever stop...
My thoughts are like sharp daggers;
There is nothing they will drop.”


"Then come to me, baby girl,
For I deliver all.
The pained, the broken, the hurt...
I'm there whenever they call.


You see, I love them all,
For all of creation is Mine.
Not even the 'worst' are overlooked;
My child, it'll work out fine."


He then takes me in His arms;
He promises to never let me go.
He is my father, Jesus Christ.
Oh, how He love us so.

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I think I needed to hear that. Thanks for writing.


No problem :)

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