Letter From Heavem

Hello Ebster ,
Its your dad here . I've been watching you grow up and you managed to find your way . You keep saying you NEED me there physically but baby girl your standing without me. I know I said I'd never leave you ,I'd would be there to wipe your tears but God called and I had to leave immediately. I seen your arms there full of marks. Those aren't battle scars but a sign of a broken heart. Hurting yourself won't bring me back , neither will constantly writing about the last time you saw me . Leaving earth in a garbage bag is something I wish you didn't see, the medical personnel should of hid me. Baby girl I love you and always got your back. You know I see you write your sad stories. Their very sad and depressing but writing is way more healthy. Cancer took me and I only had 6 years with you, If I would of known I'd have you prepared. You called me the world's greatest father ,but I couldn't be that without the world's greatest daughter .

This poem is about: 
My family


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