A Letter to a Friend

Dear friend,

You haven’t been speaking to me in a while

It has gotten kind of hard without you

You always made me smile


Remember that time you told me

To cut off all my hair

When I did it 

You laughed so hard


You told me that I was crazy

And I said, “Only because of you.”

Or when you told me to set my clothes on fire

I did it all because of you

And you always made me smile


My parents kept telling me to stop

But you said no

And so I listened to you

And told you I hated everything they made me do

And you laughed so hard


Ever since they took me to the doctor

It has been bleak and empty

They made me swallow a pill

And suddenly it hit me

You weren’t talking anymore

Not even to say hello

Then I was lonely more than ever before


You aren’t in my head anymore

So I’m writing this letter

Maybe if I stop taking these pills

You and I will be together

This poem is about: 
Our world


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