Letter From Death Row



Dear Roxanne,

Squeals of joy, moans of pleasure, silence of sorrow;

Hot chocolates, scrambled eggs, sticky ice-cream cones;

Pillow fights, impassioned dance, heated arguments;

Your memories swirl like watercolours splashing on glass.


My heart throbs, my vision blurs, my knees fail me.

The prison bars are unflinching in their rusty stare.

Air escapes my lungs; I await my own execution.

An echoing jangle of keys approaches; Death expects me.


Remember Alex setting his beloved canary free?

Soulmates, he couldn't bear to keep her caged forever.

Death says the 'Yes' of Doom; Love says the 'Yes' of Let.

You will smile again; Promise me you'll find love again.

                                                                            Farewell, Zane.



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