Let's Stay Together

If your heart is still ablaze with passion, stay with me.
Darling, keep the flames of love burning brightly.
Reconsider your thoughts of wanting independence.
It’s unwise to let a good love slip from our grasp.
Words of farewell can’t help me to endure the pain.

Theresa, tell me that you’ll stay with me indefinitely.
If I should lose you, my heart won’t go on beating.
I’ll never feel your loving arms around me again.
And I’ll no longer hear the sweet voice that I love.
The memory of your irresistible lips will obsess me.

A mysterious love has bound us together over the years,
So don’t let our exemplary love vanish into the wind.
Your absence will cause me to fret and pine away.
I don’t want to see the sunrise with tearful eyes.
The sympathy of my friends won’t abate my sorrow.

Let’s stay together for as long as time will permit us.
Since we’ve come this far, we can go all the way.
Why should we dissolve the best thing that we have?
God blessed our love and gave us a lovely child,
And therefore we should continue on the right path.


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