Let's Play a Game

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 22:29 -- em0926

Let’s play a game

He said as he started his claim to fame


Stepping into my room like I had asked him to

Almost four years old, crying over a thunderstorm


Let’s play a game

He said as my bed sheets started to move

And my body was overcome with pain


Let’s play a game

He said as my innocence went into an open flame

As I could no longer see my father as someone I trusted


Almost five years old, no longer crying just because of the storms


“Let’s play a game”

Was the start of feeling ashamed

For something I couldn’t have controlled


“Let’s play a game”

Became the words of my fears and loss of trust


Now sixteen years old

I don’t cry over storms

I only hear echoes

Because “Let’s play a game”

Were his words of fame


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