Let's Call it a Bribe

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 21:21 -- Hsebol
why is happiness so hard to catch
why are our hearts so hard to match
why do you cry when things dont go your way
why are you happy when someone's there to stay
why do you lay in bed and think all night
why do you fight for something with all your might
why is it that even with company you always feel alone
why do you always look for something to call your own
things in life just seem unfair
never feeling like anyone's really there
like a real friend is too good to be true
and being in love never happens to you
wondering if anyone has walked on your path
always feeling like the target of everyones wrath
looking to strangers to turn your life around
because when you look to your friends, they dont make a sound
feeling judged and not good enough for everyone you meet
pleasing others constantly, you'll be the last one to eat
this is your life, the life you were given
but no one ever really feels as if they're living
you wanna be happy you'll pay any toll
but happy just doesn't cut it, i wanna feel whole


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