Let Our Words Fly Free

Speak my mind, let all thoughts free.
Is freedom of speech a reality?
Or will the words be stopped, will they all go unheard?
Will I be forced to keep shut before they judge every word?
I’m afraid.
I’m afraid what will come, I’m afraid what will be.
That my words will never escape my mind and ring out in reality.
Will they always be stuck?
Will they ever come out?
Will I ever be able to say my words out loud?
I hope so.
I truly do.
I hope the same for me and you.
For generations upon generations, the judgments have gone on.
We have been forced into silence for far, far too long.
We can no longer hold back, no more holding it in.
We have waited this long to let our words all go free.
No more words left unspoken, no more thoughts left unheard.
It is about time that they listen;
They will hear every word.
Speak my mind, and speak I will.
I will speak every word that has been locked away,
Away in our minds for eternities.
No more judgments to be made,
No more cruelties to be said.
The freedom of speech is what was promised,
And that freedom we shall get.
From this time now and forever longer,
No one will ever judge what has been said.
We will leave the cruelties all behind,
For we are free to speak our mind.


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