Let me dream

Your smile began to fade and fear filled your eyes,

As terrified as I was, I looked up at the sky,

Only to return my gaze to your face,

And see your tears drop,

Can't you make this pain go away?

Can't you make this madness stop?

You'd pray to God that you'd never fall in love,

Too scared that your life in this world was determined by the rockets from above,

So I grasped your hand and held it tight,

Told you not to worry, everything will be alright,

But I guess our happiness just wasn't meant to last,

In a place where sleep is broken by the sounds of blasts,

Blasts that destroy flesh, joy and dreams,

And the ears become deafened by the sounds of screams,

They say "forgive and forget" but wait...*rewind*

How can I forget those burning memories engraved in my mind?

It's like every single day is a battle and if there's any strength that I find,

It's only because of the legacy that you left behind,

Just because you're gone from this world, you're not gone from my life,

You're not gone from my heart or the thoughts on my mind,

Every night before I sleep,

I cry out to God with sorrow and grief,

And I ask Him to let me dream so I can escape this pain,

To let me dream because to dream is like to dance in the rain,

To let me dream so I can catch a glimpse of your face,

To let me dream so all our moments I can trace,

But until we meet again my friend,

I hope you're in a much better place.

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Our world
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