Let Me


The way you tell me to take out my pencil

To write down the question and find the answer

Your tone of voice and the look in your eyes

I can tell you don't think I'm an adult.

The law may say I am not

But the things I have been through disagree.

Who gave you the right 

To look at a kid and decide

Based on his face

That he is not a mature adult?

You may be a working member of society

With your own home

And job

And spouse

But just because

We don't pay our own bills

Doesn't mean we aren't able to act like adults.

The girl you just told to put her phone away

Might go home and deal with





And she comes to school 

And not a single person knows.

How is that less indicative of maturity

Than sending a check to your phone company every month?

Don't talk down to me

Don't treat me in the same manner

As your toddler at home.

I am dealing with more than you know

Please don't assume things

About me

And I won't assume things

About you. 

Let me show you my maturity

With my actions

Not the date printed on my driver's license

And you can show me your maturity 

With the way you respond.

Let me teach you that I can be an adult

And I will let you teach me.

Let me demonstrate that I deserve your respect

And I will respect you.

But please

Stop assuming that I know nothing of the world

Because I am in high school

When in reality

I know a lot more than you would believe

And I have dealt with a lot more than you choose to assume.

Let me show you that I deserve your respect

And in turn I will give you mine.


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