Let it be known

Fri, 11/29/2019 - 07:00 -- Aegis

Let it be known

I sit in the crypt of mortality

I exist in the cyst of time

I drink from the sink of uncertainty

And bend down at the end of my life


Though my existence on earth may continue

And my heart might still beat every dawn

I stare at the tentacles wrapping over me

And know in that abyss I will have gone


I look back across time as the horizon

And see in the sunset: two great hordes

One is the lesser though mighty

Yet the other more vicious, and with swords


I tense as the grip on me tightens

And my arms are pinned down by my sides

Yet am left to witness the great slaughter

Of my two sects that combat inside


I watch as the past that I favored

Decorated... in gold deeds... and vows

Becomes swept out and blank in the slaughter

From regrets which demand their victory “now”


I blink and struggle at the teardrop

Which my bound arms strain to wipe away

And exhale at this inevitable outcome

As my pasts are accumulated in one day


Oft had I prayed in my great moments-

When factories shone light towards the veil,

That it would sweetly accept me-

Only to witness darkness still prevail


And still as I hold both mine eyes closed

As my soul is lowered deeper to hell

I accept that as a dead man I am nothing

Nevertheless, I pray for new life to swell


And so from the ashes arise I, victorious,

And stand as the darkness still goes,

My bright radiant countenance retaining

I fix my gaze upwards towards His robes


And softly, I wipe my past teardrop

And drop it, forgotten, to the ground

And raise up my shield to its creator

And praise Him for delivering the bound


And as death still struggles to grasp me

And succeeds still, every now and then

I will continue to resignedly accept my fate

Yet, I will call on my God again


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