Let it be

People say whatever will be will be . Then let it be that , that women can see. If her man calls her out of her name she shouldn't go back to him. Aint that a shame. Let her see instead of letting her be blind . That once shes free from him so will be her mind to. Let it be that there will be more calls of I love you ,than calls of you've got it im sorr,y your life is over, look at you. Let it be that there are more handshakes and hugs of love less hand to hand passes of that demon we call drugs. Where did the love go ? Will future generations ever know.  Let it be that less fathers would walk out the door. Let our boys see what a real man should look like so that they know what to expect. So that the first authority figure is"nt the police man breathing down the backs of their necks.So they dont wind up meeting god early because someone popped a bullet in their chest , while he was just trying to relax and rest had no bussiness out in the streets that faithful night. Messing with that gang and took some fools life. Let it be that we can again dream. Not aspire to be another baby mama or just another dope fiend. Let us be on t.v for something positive that's what we should aspire to be. Let it be that our minds could be free to stop living up to that unattainable standard of beauty . Let this come to pass , so we don't end up not proggressing and just future outkast.


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