Let Him Be


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(poems go here) Let Him Be
By: Kayla Logan
Wait and see God says to me,
But I want answers, I often plea.

Even though God knows best,
I often want the solutions to the test.

That’s not how God works though,
Patience is required this I know.

To trust this fact is not always easy,
And some even say it makes them queasy.

This path is the one with the answers I seek,
I have to let Him be strong while I am weak.

I know God will and wants to see me through,
I just have to trust Him, not me or you.

So God please show me Your way,
And help me on your path to stay.

Glorify yourself within my life,
Help me to seek you in times of strife.

Let me never forget You have a plan,
Remind me to trust in only your hand.


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