Lessons from My Dog


For me, keeping calm as you fail 

to roll over 


For you, steady eyes

as you wait for your share of my supper

Thank you for teaching me.


For me, after you bit me 

the first time as a pup

wanting only to play

For you, still chosing 

to love me despite how many times

I've failed you.

Thank you for teaching me. 


For me, learning for the first time

that another beating heart depends on me

For you, living your entire life

for me and my happiness. 

Thank you for teaching me.


For me, someone to sleep with

every night.

For you, someone to protect. 

Thank you for teaching me. 

Unconditional love. 

That maybe "til death do us part"

isn't unreasonable.

Thank you for teaching me. 



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