Less of a Home... & that's all.


I've been sitting on this concrete for as long as I remember, 

Regret has left my soul years ago.

I just try to admire what I have now.


As I ask the people of my free country for the giving,

I feel like I'm testing their identity, 

Pushing them to be a Good Samaritan,

Squeezing at their hearts for one measly penny...


But I just want my stomach to stop feeling empty 

My limbs to stop shaking

And keep my throat from being dry. 


Despite the life you wouldn't live,

I want to live.


I sit on this concrete for families who live under a bridge 

But don't want to leave their children behind.

I sit on this concrete to feed the 102 men and women behind the abandoned building 

I sit on this concrete for the sick people who have no medicine.

Sometimes I'm not on this concrete just for me.


I remember when I was a doctor/teacher/entrepreneur/surgeon/CEO/designer/engineer/actor/professor/firefighter/therapist/......

Who would've known I'd be here?

Less of a home

And so many others like me.


But when I get that measly penny

Joy fills my heart.

It reminds me there's still good people 

Even though sometimes I wasn't before my change of life.


I may be less of a home

But this concrete is my home.

And I've learned many things as I sit here.






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