Please go away

You've had your chance

I don't want you to stay

I'm in a hazy trance

I know how I am

To be honest

I can be kind

I can be sweet

I can be the greatest friend

That you'd ever want me to be

But I'm also a monster

I'm horribly cruel

And terribly vain

I am very capable

Of inflicting pain

I have flaws

And I make mistakes

Just like any other

But so hurt am I

So awfully alone

I can't help but cry

Because nobody

Could've known

From appearnace 

And my facade

I'm cheerful

Yet a bit shy

No one could've guessed

That every night

I had to cry

There's always a reason

One way or another

For my conflicting bafflement

The way I have to blubber

I feel so weak

And tired too

Something I seek

Is nothing new

My secret wish

Will it ever be fulfilled

Because it seems

To me that it won't 

When I'm sad

Or even if I'm mad

They scold me

And ignore these

Trembling feelings I hold

But with the others

They soothe and embrace

They wipe away the tears

From their little face

I am the oldest

So it doesn't matter

What I want to know is

Why did my heart shatter

Upon realizing this

I've been brave for so long

My heart was steel

So why did it hurt

Why did it break

I just want to sleep

All these days away

Because reality is

Something I hate

I wouldn't want to stay

Fantasy and dreams

Is where I dwell

I'm utterly free

My heart seems to swell

Don't you say you care

Don't you say it to me

Please be patient

Allow me to grieve

Please give me time

If you want to leave

That'll be just fine. 


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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