Learning to Skate

you scratch a smile in the foam of your cup

it matches the smile on your face

and it makes me smile too



hello again


your head thrown laugh

and tangled knees when you fall

and I know without looking

it’s the chang of your skates

the ones you’re so proud of

because you wore out your other pair


540 turns, leaning on back wheels


blue green amber

honey colored voice

rasps a little, like the burn of

sugary molasses


hey, it was a great night


I move downward instead of forward,

but I keep getting up

learning to skate

small, subtle steps

gliiiide, feet closer together

knees bent, a little more

now you’ve got it


I can’t keep up yet but I’m getting better

skating faster on the turns

to keep up

I’m better on my heels than wheels

but getting off seems so



and the night ends, stops moving

but the memory is still wearing wheels


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