Learning, Education, College.


#YOWO you only write once
Need a scholarship to fight funds
Wether you have high or low incomes
College costs a lot
And you have to go if you want to boss a lot
They say college is necessary for a higher learning
Truth is you only need it for a higher earning
And a better starting salary
But college burns money like a calorie
While you're on a treadmill running in place
But on a treadmill you don't get anywhere and that's the case
With college, I hear more about parties
And less about taking the car keys
From your drunk roommate about to drive
Because you're busy with another student feeling "alive"
Why pay 40 k for education when at the end of the day
And the night begins you just drink away
What you were taught
I think college is misused, that is my only thought
It was meant to be a place of higher education
Flash forward to when you making
More money but still in debt
And probably will be til you're dead
It's the sad truth that society makes you feel that college is a need
Then they take your money and you become enslaved to the green
Can you blame it on the greed of the dean
That took away my dreams by saying I had bad grades and the college didn't want me
Or the ignorance of all the people in our country
Grades don't stand for the brains in a students head
Just what they wrote on their work with their pencil lead
Kids are held back by the school system and it's flaws
Feeling ostracized by what comes out of their jaws
Because maybe it doesn't follow English laws
But Shakespeare was the king of slang
So how can you say my paper was wrong, you don't know a thang
Seems you say everyone is different so why teach like they all the same
Kids creativity is destroyed and the schools are to blame
Steve jobs' net worth 7 billion, he barely made it through high school
But I guarantee he made more than you
I'm sure he failed a couple classes
Got in trouble for not having hall passes
And if he had bad grades you would say he is mentally slower than molasses
But before he past he had fancy glasses
Costing thousands of dollars
Along with pricy shirts with collars
And look at him he barely made it through high school almost didn't graduate
Words of sulli break, I will not let an exam decide my fate
Yes I'm speaking about the SAT'S and the ACT'S
And can you believe if you weren't acing these
The idea of going to college is out of sight 
All because you only got a couple questions right
And because of that your future is no longer bright
Well if all the colleges say no to me, fine I'll move on and be happy
Because I'll keep my creativity and they'll wish they had me.


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