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I remember the day I graduated High School,
Thought of Senior Prom but to me it was not cool.
Well, that may be a lie because my company never approved.
Hanging around the wrong crowd was the biggest mistake I jumped into.

My parents were not happy of my thoughts and activities,
Hence we moved states for less distractiions and so I could learn responsibility.

Not long after, I decided to move out and grow up.
Another mistake commited because I was never mature enough.

Fell in love with a girl who I thought was my world.
Lived 2 years with her and was proud to call her my girl.

She thought I wasn't man enough so I dropped out of college.
Only to prove to her that I am a man and I dont need knowledge.

I put food on the table and a roof over our head,
Paid all the bills and never had time for bed.

Working 10 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Putting in over time and became a money making machine.

I neglected my family my parents my mom,
to them I was a son that was simply long gone

And one day my love came home and said it was not the same,
She feels like she is caught running after a train.
She did not want to chase, chase this dream anymore
She missed being independent, but I knew there was much more.

I did not argue nor did i drop a tear,
but from the inside I was broken beyond repair

I did not understand how all this had happened
Did I go wrong? Or was this bound to happen?

I looked around for help and my friends turned to others,
but what I really needed was the comfort of my mother

I was angry and upset all the time.
Kept it all in because a man never whines.

All alone in Southern California with family no where to see,
Mother and father were 1000 of miles away, way over seas.

One day my brother called and gave me some news,
This news was worse than my Girl leaving me too.

"Osman, Osman! Mother had a heart attack! Ive been calling you all night but you never react!"
My brother was frightened upset and scared. But deep down inside I knew why this happened here.

You see, my mother loves me more than anything in this world.
When she found out that I live in a garage and sleep on a couch, she figured herself that I was no longer with that girl.

It worried her because she knew I was starving.
I was always a mama's boy and now mama's boy was not talking.

When mother got out of ICU the first thing she said,
"Son go to your brother please, he's in Maryland"

"Go to him now so he can take care of you,
and 3 weeks from now I promise I will be there with you"

Thats when it hit me and made me realize,
I wasted 2 years over a girl that could never be my wife.

I neglected a mother who gave me unconditional love,
and now I promised her, I will do whatever she asks me of.

Here I am in Maryland a month after the incident,
doing much better than California and that is what I intend,

I have 2 jobs, at LA Fitness and at Target
And have applied for college: Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics

My father is an aeronautical engineer,
I will follow the footstep of MY hero and saviour.

This is why I am here writing this poem,
trying to kill 2 birds with only one stone,
Pour out my heart and apply for a scholarship I think I can earn.

Let this be a lesson to all teenage boys and girls,
Keep your priorities straight and then you shall excel in this world!


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