Learn To Love


I can feel my blood boil.

My eyes picking out all the imperfections.

Harsh criticism that makes me bleed from the inside out.

 Avoid the mirrors that align the hallways.

Run away from the shiny object held in the hands of newcomers.

Walk away.

 Walk away.


Hide behind the curtains, they won’t notice you there.

Hide until you become a vague memory.

A girl with no face that slumbers in the minds of those she encountered.

I’m fading away.

I’m fading away.

Nothing but a lingering ghost.

No one will remember.

No one will remember the girl running from herself.

Searching for the light but all I get is the dark.



Running in circles.

Running until I face the very thing I hate…

After all this time, I am still afraid of you.

My eyes avoid looking at the face staring back at me.

Turn around.

Turn around.


My feet stay glued on the floor.

I can’t escape.

Slowly my eyes meet the eyes of the person that I fear.

She watches me crumble.

I can’t look away.

The face that has been forgotten is being remembered.

Every curve and bump begins to transform into my own reflection.

I stare.

I stare

Watching myself…


For the very first time.

Maybe one day

I will say…

 ‘I love you’.



Body image is a struggle that teengers face and find it hard to love themselves. I am in a journey to finally love myself the way I should've from the very beginning. Maybe one I  can look at the mirror and smile at my own reflection.

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