Laying on a Futon in a Basement Apartment

A bowl of ramen noodles nestled

in the folds of oversized

sweaters. Burning skin

under clothing, welcomed heat.

Fingertips have forgotten

What warmth is. Toes are forever numb

in the frozen wasteland. Blood

slows to a crawl, reluctant to move.

Snow towers high, blocking

sunlight from streaming through

the window. A dark

cave is where the three

roommates live. Cold

and mysterious, full of secrets

in the shadows. An underwater

cave. Unnatural blue glow from television

and laptop screens. Bleaching skin

into an alien shade, the room dimmed,

bruised. Undisturbed; should heal

when the sun can show

itself. Salty broth sends wisps

into the frozen air. Sea water

stained gold, a welcoming life source

to starving stomachs. Sounds of

slurping emits throughout

as the roommates each take turns

lazily bringing forks to

their chapped lips. Three bodies

that had sunk to the bottom, all fighting

for warmth. Lifeless

in front of the space heater

like snakes under sun lamps.

Only the melting of Spring

can save the drowned girls.


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