Laugh This Off, Or Speak Your Thoughts


Hi. How are you?

I hope you're well.

Trust me, I really do.


It’s about to be one year.

The laughter and smiles are gone.

Silence is all we both hear.


I don’t know what you feel.

It could be hate. It could be anger.

You could pretend that you don’t care.


Whether or not you do care

I want to let you know that I do.

I carry feelings that I can no longer bare.


I remember what your mom heard.

I just need you to let me know

Whether what we had was real or not.


I think about you every now and then

Bet you don’t do the same.

Each time I have to debate

Whether or not we should be friends.


One day I actually came to regret

Not taking that chance that would take us

One level above being just friends.


I was thinking clearly

Or perhaps I was not

But I remember very clearly

Having that curious thought.


I look back at out memories.

I think back to my thoughts

I open my notebooks filled with your writing.

And my brain feels like it’s gunna pop


I have a lot more to say

But for your response I will wait.

Crumple up this paper and burn it

Or keep it by your side to come up with a response. . .


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