up late at night

When I write I feel like I don't have talent , not written long or good enough to be like someone I admire .
I feel like I work as the worst assailant , don't try hard at all to stick out like a separate attire .
I wonder sometimes if I'd live off better with wealth .
At the same time I rather would just have good health .
I don't see close without taking a good look at it twice .
I can re-read your question might take more times rolling a dice .
I feel stup-id wait that means dumb ,
I speak it with a spit , while looking like a bum .
I speak it with a lisp or I give it more tongue .
While feeling like shit , I go out for a run .
I run in my head and I have a great time .
I can pop open the red , little bottle old wine .
I can get a head , if I focused on the grind .
Like my parents said , damn boy you're outta line .
I still go outide for walks , even when it's 90
I can still dip my bike for blocks , leaving you children behind me .
Fuck my ass up on a skateboard , cuz it's funnier when try to beef
Cook a pork in the garage hatch it up on the line make blood splattered up and in and down the street .
Sixty people paying or trading their shit to sit close to the window and would kill for a seat .
When it's somebody given a chance why do our over watchers have to interfere trans .
It's not shit really shit to think about but it definitely makes you rethink about your past .
I even analyse shit way too deep the black I wear states a new standard in my stance .
Met a lot of fucked up people done a lot if crazy things . The way it ends it up and how it turned out wasn't part of your plans .
The devil told me the rest of my fate lies at the stiff cold of my hands .
Why does it seem the knife I worship isn't a prayer in a sense ?
I am different like a murder . Brought down like a back burner . They'll come after after Iived a thousand more years and I have em in a sand trap yet .
I conspiracy remember I found out about our favorite enemy ? He helped us live the way my knowledge been gained I've haven't thought the same since the year hasn't passed it's just a long day ?


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