The Last Time You Get to Leave


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The way you grasped my hand, would make a lesser girl cry.
But I knew better, for this could be, the last and final goodbye.

You spoke to me with such urgency I never knew before.
But the real truth was the face I knew, that always followed a lie.

You told me of the good days, when we laughed and talked with ease.
But now times have changed and you don't come home to me.

You used to lift me up, ever so happily.
But now all you do is set me down with apathy.

The day you let go of my hand, I knew it was our last.
So as I walked away from you, I decided to never look back.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

don't look back
if you know this person isn't the one, let go and move on
great job in reflecting your poem


Thank you for your feedback it means a lot to me hat you took the time to comment. Im glad you enjoyed it


Thank you, this is my favorite poem i have written yet.


Thank you, this is my favorite poem i have written yet.


perfecto! i love it, and the message you send about being hurt is phenomenal :)


This is just plain amazing!! Great job. :)


I really appreciate it thank you for saying that


So enjoyed reading this poem! Love it! Great job!


Thank you so much

Jan Wienen


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