Last Minute Confessions

Harder to say goodbye,  

when I don't know if I'll ever see you again.  

You mean the world to me,  

you've helped pull me out of my own grave,  

when I was destined to fade away and die.



I've shed no tears, no whimpers,  

no last minute tear-stained hugs.  

I've tried to be as emotionless as possible,  

especially when it came to this,  

but I must confess, I have one final  

chink in my armor, and for it to be fixed,  

I must confess something...



You saved me,  

you with your amazing feats of emotional, mental and spiritual strength.  

You were there when I was hurt, when I was down,  

you were there to give me that swift kick in the butt,  

when I was more stubborn than an old ass.



You really do mean the world to me,    

the others all know why too.  

It was always implied, gestured, thought of,  

but I was never ever able to tell you this,  

but I have to before you leave,  

for that far off country across the sea,  

you must know;  

I love you.  

Much more than yesterday,  

and always less than I will ever tomorrow.  

I do,  

I love you.


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