Last Kiss

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 20:09 -- bhauck


Hello, my name is Officer. I live to protect and serve.

Behind the scenes I have family,one I don't deserve.

I wake up every morning with a grin on my face.

But then I remember what I must do and that grin will sure erase.

I look over at my wife. She's more gorgeous than you know.

I hug and kiss my children goodbye, then it's time to go.

That moment that we share, when they're lips are on mine

Is the scariest thing I've ever known, for it could the last time.

I leave my house everyday with a tear in my eye

Never knowing if that will be our vey last goodbye.

Hello, my name is Officer. I live to take a risk.

I risk the chance of giving my family one last kiss.




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