The Language of the Heart


I hear you, I am listening

Every word exiting your mouth, your soul, your very being

I hear you

But hearing is

much different than


Although I hear you and I am not understanding the words you are saying,

they speak to me

They say only music can transcend language

Everyone can dance to the beat and feel the rythm.

Even if you can't understand, you can still feel.

But, what if you felt that way about languages?

What if instead of telling people to speak English because they are 'in America'

We felt?

We felt their words.

How they are spoken.

How they use their tone.

People are so closed

Closed minded to the art that is language.

What if we listened to languages how we listen to music?

Do not persecute or ostracize because of a language barrier.

They love the same,

They see the same,

They feel the same.

You hear them.

Every word exiting their mouth, their soul, their very being.


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