The Language Of The Common People

The ruling class rejects the language of the common people.

They regard certain expressions as expletives and profanity.

The educated fools prize academic speech and academic writing.


Many people are against the use of some words and phrases.

And they judge those who speak them by personal feelings.

The teaching about indecent language is not well founded.


No word is bad; the thoughts and actions of men are bad.

Why do men blame words for the impurity of their hearts?

It is a fact that words do not perform actions, people do.


Some people say that profanity and expletives offend them.

But to be honest, many people take offence to good advice.

So what is the point in labelling some expressions as bad words?


Here is a straightforward question for teachers of Christianity.

Does the Bible have a list of good words and bad words?

How do you determine which word is bad and which one is good?


Is it justified to regard words that we not like as vulgar words?

The common people have their way of verbally communicating.

Who has the right to control the way people express themselves?

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Our world


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