A Lady Warrior's Plea To Her Knight

Come, my love, to arms, my knight,

Come join me in our glorious fight.


The enemy's crawling up my skin,

But I know you will come charging in.


To fight with me, to save the day,

Then in your arms carry me away.


To revel in our radical love,

Our match made surely in heaven above


Come quickly my dearest, my time now is short

I know not how long I can hold down the fort


But I cling to the hope that you're coming soon,

To rescue me, you always do.


I hear them, they're coming, chanting war cries now,

But there is no chance of me backing down


I'll fight until my last breath is gone,

And I know you'll be here before long


They're close now, must draw my sword,

But you'll be here soon, you'll keep your word


The first one falls with hardly a fight,

Yes enemy blood will be spilled tonight


I charge the army, twould be my doom,

If I knew not that you would be coming soon


The fight drags on, I grow ever weaker,

Shouldn't you already be here?


My weapon's gone, the end is near,

For the first time, I start to fear


The villain taunts, he sees my pain,

My heartache is his greatest gain


I realize that you're truly gone,

And this battle will not be won.


Dearest, why have you deserted?

Was my plea not rightly worded?


Encircled by the cruel foe,

Terror only continues to grow


He draws his sword, I close my eyes,

And you, my love, flash before my eyes


The blade is driven through my chest,

My soul leaves for eternal rest.


I thought that you would keep your word,

But your broken vow is now my killer's sword.

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