Labels are Overrated

Like Shakespeare said "A rose by another name would smell as sweet"

So there's no need to introduce myself if i will still be me. But I'm glad I'm 

turning off the filter because now I finally have the chance to let the world understand who I truly am.

See, the truth is I'm a puzzle because:

1.) I'm a walking- talking contradiction  &

2.) a little bit of everything creates Stephanie.


As in one day I want to wear dresses, use light makeup and all that other girly sh*t.

But then the next I'm listening to Pac, Wu-Tang, Biggie and saying "Yo this sng is sick!"

And the day after that I want to go to the world's largest library 

and not leave until every book has been read as I sip on some tea.

Oh! and I can't forget when I listen to SOAD as i try to convince myself to finally learn how to skate.

But then i have those moments where I'm wandering around my mind thinking "what is my fate?"


See, underneath the filters are feelings of uncertainty and oxymoron thoughts.

Well, lets just say half my heart is golden while the other half is rot. 

There are things I want to understand yet things I wish to not know.

However, I cannot live in denial if I'm trying to grow.


I want to be everything while at the same time nothing.

I want to take everyone's pain and end their suffering.

But I am not Jesus; I am simply me.

And maybe that;s not enough but this is who I am being filter free. 




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