La Reina del Sol

You are the sun and I the moon. I am only a reflection of what you are. Constantly on a chase for even just a glimpse of you. I never see you but I know you're breathtaking. Not one person doubts your beauty, everyone in awe after seeing you. I on the other hand am shy and sometimes even forgotten, at times I can't even be seen at all. Invisible to some people. But no one questions you. Everyone knows you're there whether they want to or not. You give me a reason to shine on dark nights. But only if you're up to it. We can never be together and I know it. You are wise, mature, and beautiful. Me young, meager, and naive. To get close to you would mean being enveloped in seconds. Burning all my fragile, inexperienced ways. But those few seconds to have you close to me would be worth my purity. My favorite times are when I get to be near you and have the privilege to see you in your raw. An eclipse at its best.

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Our world


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