La Llorona

Disappointment is what I will bring

If they dare to find out 

They will neglect that I am their daughter

I did wrong in accepting what I was not ready for

I was not ready...

An infant of my own is no infant to them

Instead, it is a disgrace

A disgrace to both them and i

I mustn't let them discover what I’ve hidden

It ends here…

I risk it all my life and the life of the disgrace

Unlike others who have a choice 

The only choice I have is to cry

It is done 

I am demolished

Forever in despair 

At least they will never know 

They will no longer despise my choices 

Nor will I

Or so I thought

The cries of the horrid event still follow me

I made the choice 

to kill what deserved no death

For that, I will pay

Living the eternity of cries that were not meant to be heard

If only my cries were heard...


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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