La Familia

I was born into a loving family

A family that pushes me and supports me no matter what

They taught me about the words perfection and effort

And how I may not be perfect now but it doesnt mean Im not close to it

And that as long as I give a perfect effort - non stop hard work-

Then I can do anything and that nothings out of my reach

They not only share words of wisdom 

But they also share contagious laughs and hugs and high spirits

They ensure I spend every waking moment as happy as I can be

And that I take in every moment as if its my last

Without La Familia I dont know where Id be...

Without their love and guidance I wouldnt be Kaylah I. Wyatt

I love them dearly and will be forever be greatful God surrounded me with such amazing people

I'll never take their presence for granted and will never stop loving them

I cant live without my family because they're my FAMILY and every single member is apart of me.





This poem is about: 
My family


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