La Danseuse (The Dancer)


Ashanti Emmanuel


La Danseuse

The Dancer

Amazing the ability of my mind to translate the emotions of my soul into physical movements of my body

Amazing the ability of my mind to interpret words through physical actions and evoke an emotion

Amazing that my mind can be elated through an expressive form to depict the essence and core of my being

Amazing the ability of my mind to utilize movement to say what cannot be spoken

Amazing the ability my mind has in creating an alternate reality

An out of body experience

Resulting in an escape where nothing can exist

But pure peace and tranquility

Only Dance can give me this

The greatest desire of my soul

Once on that stage everything melts away

My body fueled by the passion

That emanates from my heart

And surges through my veins

Bringing a myriad of emotions

One can only call true

Dance is my heart

Music is my soul

Together they express my stories untold

Creating and spreading happiness all around me

Causing joy within the people who surround me


The only thing that puts my mind at ease

And sets it free

To unlock the full potential of the depths of my imagination

Into worlds unknown

And bring it to life through


What makes me tick?


It’s on my mind

All the time





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