Knuckle Head Ninja

Orange jumpsuit

He's the strongest ninja you could ever meet

He ain't sneaky

And his anger is what you don't want to see

He's gonna be acknologed

Yea, you better believe

His name Naruto Uzumaki

7th Hokage of the hidden leaf

Sad and alone

His parents are dead

Always being treated like the monster that was inside him

This kid is has been fed ...

Up with this Stuff

He's gonna be notice

You'd never guess this statue painting idiot

Has power like titan like cronus

Met this pink haired girl

Who he had eyes for

But she saw something in this edgy kid

Who's an eyesore

Those three were put

In a team of 3

With the leader of the team being

The copy ninja Kakashi

Kakashi put them through a test of

Teamwork that no one has ever passed

They were scared that they failed

But they won at last

Pink haired girl is named Sakura

Edgy kid is named Sasuke

Sasuke became the rival

Of our hero, Naruto Uzumaki

Sasuke left the village for

Revenge on his brother

The one who killed

His dad and his mother

And his clan

He's been so mad ever since

Oblivious to the fact that

Naruto kinda grew up like him

Naruto tried to stop him

Cause Sasuke was his friend

But Sasuke beat him

And that is not the end


Naruto came back to the village after training for three years

This time, he was gonna bring Sasuke

Back without fear

Took down the assassins known as

the Akatsuki and a few gods

And to finally get Sasuke back

A battle was fought

Naruto vs Sasuke 

This battle was cool but caused harm

Both lost, Naruto was closer

And they both lost an arm.


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