Knowing Enough

If you knew just what I knew

About him and his boo

And what they tried to do

To make me look like the fool.

They met me on the block of Avenue 

to test me on what I really knew


I want to know nothing Now,

to erase the beginning, the middle, and the now.

I said I want to know nothing know,

to erase the beginning, the middle, and the now. 


One move, I start to shiver 

they see me scared, 

now they grow bigger  

Now I’m shook up in the corner

All because of two colored niggas?


two kids

both dressed in all black, 

mugged face,

now and later,

candy grape,

children’s breath,

black Jordan shoe game,

dreadlocks long with no name,

I labeled dem colored blacks.

I made a pac only to have it

Fumble back

At me

But hold up?

This aint a game of catch


They ready hands

Versus a timid cat 

It was time for me to claw back

But wait hold up?




I’m not from Avenue

I don’t know what’cha thought I knew

I was just playing

For show

For show

I don’t want my girls

And my homies to know

that you and yo girl

is a hoe creepin on the down low

not with each other but with a friend of a friend

she nasty and he dumb for creeping around with his girl’s girlfriend.


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