What does her smile mean?

Is she happy to see me or is she thinking of

something or someone other than me?

How will I ever know?

I could ask her, but that's such an odd question.

Or is she planning my death, wanting to be

the cause of my last breath?

I bet she's just waiting for me to be at my most vulnerable point,

studying my most brittle joints.

Which ones to break that'll cause me the most pain.

What if she's imagining herself weightlessly soaring across 

the ocean without a care in the world, passing between

the golden sunset and fluffy white clouds?

Well, whatever that mysterious grin is about, 

I can't seem to take my eyes off of it.



I actually really liked this poem. It was simple and sweet and very alluring in its mystery. I'm curious though... What does the title stand for?


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