But that's not what I saw.

His body was limp and

His nose was cold, and when we wanted him to stand

He couldn't.


He had a look in his eyes

like he knew all about life

When he never even had one

Like he had seen it all...


He was blind. Yes, he was

Why else did he stare a whole through the wall

When we tried to feed him, he barely

Stuck his tongue out,

Ever droplet missing his mouth


The others got bigger two days ago.

They never stop moving and you never

See them catch a wink. I still struggle with

My faith, and this doesn't fuel my belief.


So his big beautiful eyes act scared sometimes when

People are loud during the day but when his

brother runs by and gives him a little tackle,

I wonder if he knows he's not supposed to feel this way


It came in waves, he was up and around,

But after a while he collapses down

He stretches out and stares into space,

And leaves me confused.


Although he is breathing, hard even,

The life has left his body

And he eats and eats, but his body eats everything anyways.

He looked like broken machinery,

Pulsing until the last pieces break


Like I hear noises coming from his hard breathing

And they sound like a struggle.

And maybe you didn't know that this was about a cat's kitten

But it is a mother's child nonetheless.


His stomach stayed imploded but his ribs became more familiar

And these are just my simple observations

But this house holds no conversations,

So maybe I'm extra focused.


I check on him now

Because sitting there pains me

The mother doesn't know what's wrong

So she stares away as I'm crying


I beg of whatever God

Can take him away

But then he's standing again,

Bright as day.


So here's the update:



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