A Kiss Worth Dying For

I found your lips entrancing
I encountered them by accident
I wonder if you knew how memorable you are
You danced with me in the moonlight
You carried me across the darkened floor
You made me feel like a diamond
My heart illuminated the dim room
My pulse quickened with anticipation
My heart stills at the memory of your touch
How will I continue?
How will I find solace?
How will I make amends?
For the memory of you drives out all thought
the memory of you carries me unto death
the very memory of you sullies all others
I cannot survive
I cannot make another my heart's master
My hope is lost in the taste of your kiss
I will remember your kiss
I will cherish every moment
I will keep your heartbeat in my mind
As darkness encloses my soul
My last thought will be of that mischievous sweet kiss 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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