Kings And Queens

Who do haughty kings and queens think they are?

Perhaps they consider themselves superior life forms.

Money and material possessions do not make a person.

The wealth of royalties is the legacy of their thieving forefathers.

The forefathers of kings and queens enslaved Negroes,

Not to mention the blood of innocent ones that they shed.


Kings and queens are only humans, no matter what they think.

They can only wish they were immortal beings.

Why do some people venerate the corpses of kings and queens?

There is no difference between dead monarchs and other dead persons.

Dead people including royalties are not important,

But living persons are valuable whether rich ones or poor ones.


Kings and queens defecate in a toilet bowl like other people,

Yet they behave as if they were supreme beings.

Stupid people consider themselves superior to others.

I do not respect anybody who would not sit at a table with me and eat.

Kings and queens are in fact demonic persons.

Moreover, the whole system of royalty is demonic.


Kings and queens control the minds of foolish people.

Their obsequious slaves honour them even when they are dead.

Senseless ones bow to mortal royalties and grovel at their feet.

If you make a bad remark about kings or queens,

Their loyal slaves will attack you verbally or physically.

Why are some people supporting monarchy in modern times?

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