The Kingdom of Glass

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 12:29 -- AMGS8

Moon-kissed windows,

projecting the oblivious melancholic sight

of those who shine bright, and

time-blessed gravity defyers

dancing to a rhythm of lust,

like blooming roses in the sun.


Majestic angels covered in pink dust,

breathtaking views for the hollow soul.

Magnetic rituals to kill the voice, and

everyday pills to stop the noise.


Heavenly paper dressed in green,

megahertz whispers that feed our greed.

Stone tainted flesh and brittle mind

and a lifelong of ephemeral desires.


Meaningful talks ending in ninety-nine

and a false sense of accomplishment every night.

Beauty preachers and plastic Gods,

hateful leaders and one-sided laws.


Monthly-payment dependent love, and

flame igniting surgeries at a decennial dose.

Happy family portraits on every wall

of ash covered houses in an empty road.


Asphalt-drowned life thriving into metal trees, and

plastic infested waters running into a black sea.

Hopes and dreams trapped inside a bottle,

slowly crying their life away, as time pass at full throttle.


Vivid images forever captured in a crimson painting,

of an artist whose life is slowly fainting.

This is the kingdom where we crave perfection through any means

and where lies become reality as they filter through the screen.


We are afraid of the truth embedded within our soul.

We look ourselves every day in the mirror,

cause we don’t want to show any fault.

We look ourselves every day in the mirror,

cause we don’t want to let any opportunity pass.

Or maybe, perhaps,

we are just afraid to fall,

cause after all

we are only made of glass.



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Our world


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