King Instead of Queen


King instead of Queen

He instead of She

I must’ve been mistaken when I thought it could be


When I thought I could grow up to be, whatever the heck I wanted to be

Before I knew my role in life was already handed out to me


Like a happy meal

They never asked if I liked trucks

They gave me chicken nuggets with a pony ‘Cause I don’t have nuts


As if Dick can drive better than Jane

As if Dick is somehow better, stronger, faster just because of his name.


I guess I’ll always be a little less than a man

I can’t build or break things cause there’s something wrong with my hands

I can’t get them to work too great

The package I needed came too late

Wait, the package I needed never came


So I’m stuck

Hatin’ from outside the clubhouse

It’s a man’s world

So I guess I’ll always stand out


It’s fine

I’m not expected to amount to much

to protect my self

To fight back, play rough


I just get bluffed


Into believing i’m the lesser half of Gods might

Into believing I’m supposed to just stand on the side lines

Cheer loud, look pretty and always act nice


A prize to the winner

A trophy to he

Who inevitably

conquers me

Ain’t that sweet?




God forbid a girl like me ever learns how to fight

God forbid they walk home alone at night

And they do fight back

And they do have names

And they’re more than just the wife behind a great mans name


God forbid they write jokes just as well

God forbid they like sex just as well


And you can’t typecast them by any label other than human

and they were more than just something cute, More than boobs and

It doesn’t matter if I’m black white or asian

Doesn’t matter what we would have done as cavemen


I didn’t ask for gender roles with my fried rice

so you can take back all of your assumptions, I’m a queen and I don’t have to play nice.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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