Kindness and Provocation

Hustle hard.When it rains it pours, poursAnd I am missing you moreLike summertime smores in a wintertime stormBecause although I am a fighterI am like Macgyver using my tools in different waysShowing the world a better wayMaking this world a better place and putting love in empty spacesPlease brother, let me stop these racist statementsAnd heal the world with my techniques of empty hands - I am talking about poetryI am talking about God's gracesSo tie your shoelaces before you tripBecause if we are speaking seriously then, well, this is itSome of my peers distract themselves, lighting spliffs instead of trying to find jobs to elevate themselves and make itLook. I am your future doctor with the knives and high kicksLickity split, I come quick with a full clipBut of knowledgePenetrating lines for my peers - this is my purposeI am talking about the truth that lies further beneath the surfaceBecause the war of healing the world through the power of loving words - it is worth it.My peaceful passion dictates actionAnd I continue to embrace it.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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