How hard is it to give someone a little kindness
To tell them they are pretty when they ask
If they are
To help to raise themselves 
From the pit in which they fell

How easy would it be to have a little kindness
To be the light 
In someones darkness
To be the healer, & friend that would help
To save them from themselves

How unbelievable is it to see someone needs your kindness
Someone who's arms hang low from shame
Who's head is filled with pains unknown
Who's arms are scarred & self hatred grown

What do you think that little bit of kindness
That you could have given to someone today
Could  have brought them to continue on
When they planned to end their life
Because now they know that there are good people out there

Where is the kindness
That we should all have in our hearts
Show to our neighbors
Have from the start

Do you know where that kindness is
Where it's hidden
Where it's gone
Because if not then we've all lost the most important
Reason to live at all

So show that kindness 
Let it shine through
Show kindness 
So it can become a part of you

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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