Kindergarten Checklist

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 00:18 -- mlizco

Kindergarten Checklist 

First day of school looms around the corner.

Children excited to branch on into a new stage of life.

But are they prepared.

Crayons? Check.

Backpack? Check. 

Apple Slices? Check.

Lunchbox? Check.

Mom's Phone Number? Check.

Pigtails? Check.

New Light Up Shoes? Check. 

Before School Photos? Check.

Smiles? Check.


But is the back pack bullet proof? Does it have to be?

Will mom's phone number get a dying wish or message across? Will it be a voicemail?

Will their light up shoes help them run fast enough? Does it have to?

Will their smiles be placed in little kindergartener sized coffins? Do they have to be?


You ask the question of why we want to but locks on your guns and a stop of the river

of ammo. Our answer is:

We want to stop putting kids in coffins.

We want to stop telling parents we're sorry.

We want to stop telling teachers how to protect from flying bullets.

We want to stop telling kids who survived its going to be okay when we know its not.

We want to stop the fear that this will become normal.

We want to stop telling kids they might die because someone wants a toy. 

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Our world


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