The Kind it Ought to be


I love you

You love me

But I’m not you

And you’re not me


That’s how it should be.


You are you

With opinions and beliefs

All your own


And I am me

With opinions and beliefs

All my own


That’s how it’s always been.


You listen to me

Even when you don’t agree

And respect the way I see


I listen to you

Even when I don’t agree

And respect the way you see


That’s how it will continue to be.


You bend down and lay next to me

When I’ve fallen down

Listen to me cry

Even when it doesn’t matter

and I shouldn’t have to

But you lay there and listen


And when I’m done

we help each other up

Link arms

And keep on going


That’s how it convinced me.


Because you’re not me

And I’m not you

We’re two separate people


Yet we hear

And listen

To the other


And that’s how I knew


We’re not the same

Just two people

Talking side by side

Walking down a path

That we both choose


that it’s love,

the kind it ought to be.

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