kill me its okay and you know it

i am in pain

in my cemetary soul

there is poison in my veins 

and its been years since ive felt whole

and my head burns

and my fingers shake

and ive tried to learn

from my mistkes

i cant open my eyes

i cant see through the lies

im in so much pain

and its all in vein

becuase i only suffer from

within the skin i call my home

and life is good and i am saved

and paths to my future come pre-paved

but how can i follow 

if i cant be saved

because im drowning inside

theres rules to abide

but there is so much pain

i steal for my gain

i lurch and im sick

and i get my fix

but as sober as ive been

this past week of sin

i just want to fall into the abyss


Coco The Ripper


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