Kids With A Farmers Tan

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 19:25 -- Pischke


United States
45° 5' 50.0424" N, 87° 13' 45.6024" W

You and me and the aquamarine
Drifting through lemonade skies
You burnt my body with the sun in your eyes
And I forgot to put on sunscreen

We let our sunglasses fade with the chlorine
‘Cause all we’ve got to lose is time
Never so perfect were lemon and lime
Till we put them in our ice tree

Last summer I was hung out to dry
With the sheets and the shirts in the breeze
I wasted my time holding in a sneeze
Because nothing was good on T.V.

The eggs were burnt in a frying pan
The yolk was dripping onto the floor
I scraped my knee and my pants were too short
And my shoes were filled with sand

My fingers stick to the strawberry jam
My basement is flooded with bees
I can’t quench the fire burning through my hand
It’s burning a town made of gasoline
And Vogue magazines
And kids with a farmers tan


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